Looking for a simple summer storage option?

As a student or a parent, moving out is never fun. You've got enough on your mind, so pack your dorm and let us do the rest. Gozova will pick-up, store, and deliver your items for you.

  • FREE pickup and delivery
  • No hidden fees
  • Secure climate-controlled warehouse
  • Professional, background-checked crew members
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How to use Gozova Storage?

Easy steps to store:

  • Sign up for student storage by filling out our form
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS and email with next steps to complete account
  • As move-out date approaches, confirm pick-up time and address
  • We will pick up your packed items to storage
  • When move-in date approaches, confirm drop off time and address
  • We will deliver your items to your new dorm or apartment at the confirmed time and address

Ways to save with Gozova Storage

  • No rental truck is needed to transport your items
  • Pay only for the space you need and never rent a storage unit that is larger than what you want
  • No additional fees for items like a storage unit lock
  • Save time with free pick-up and delivery


Do I have to take my items to and from the storage location?

You never have to step foot in a storage unit! Simply tell us when and where you want your items picked up and we will come get them. When you're ready to move your items back into your dorm or apartment, we will deliver them back to you!

Can I come pick up individual items from my storage unit?

Once student items are picked up and in Gozova storage only Gozova crew is allowed in the facility. If you need one of your items in the middle of summer, please contact us. Additional charges apply for multiple pick-ups and deliveries.

How much does storage cost?

Student storage pricing is per student and based off of standard student housing items. After completing the student storage form, you will receive a monthly rate starting at $65/month.

Can I share storage with a friend?

Gozova student storage is a per student service. We ask that you book storage for each individual student in order to ensure the best pick-up, storage, and delivery service experience.

When will I be charged?

Your card on your account will initially be charged on the day of item pick-up. The initial charge will be prorated for that month. After the initial month, your card will be charged the monthly rate on the 1st of each month.

How will I know if my order is booked?

Your order is booked the moment you fill out and submit the form. You will receive an sms text and email confirmation with next steps to complete your account with payment information.

How do I add my payment information

To add payment information, please download our app and complete your account information with payment method or call us at 855-465-1681.

What if I need to change my pick-up or drop-off dates?

No problem! We know that move-out and move-in dates sometimes change last minute which is why we give you the option to confirm and change the date if needed. However, we do ask that you confirm your date at least a week in advance.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order up to 24 hours before the set pick-up date through our chat or by calling 855-465-1682.

How many items are included in my storage plan?

Our student storage plans are designed to accommodate the typical amount of items from student housing. However, if you are concerned that you fall outside of the typical student storage needs, please use our chat or call 855-465-1682.

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